Welcome to the $ηoωḟłαк℮<3's WikiEdit

Page about me... I dont really like if people picture me.. So i havent uploaded any photos of myself anywhere... Usually even if i upload a picture... i take it down as soon as possible.. I barely have pictures of myself in my phone cause i'm not okay with any picture.. so i end up deleting all of them...<3

About me.Edit

I shall write my made up stories here... Cause i am really intrested in fiction... So yeah ..

But I'm nothing really much .. Just a weird girl.. Who creeps around Flab3 Servers... Mostly cityscape1..

I am a HUGE fan of Japanese Animes... My most faviourite one is "Togaino no Chi" and "Monochrome Factor" So far.

Also i like Cartoon Networks "Adventure Time" and "The Amaizing World Of Gumball"

Languages i can speak:

There aren't much.. Estonian , English , Tiny bit of Russian .. And even tinier bit of Japanese... I would sure love to learn Italian and French :3

My facebook(not the real one ofc):Elizabeth Lee Marie Wroller :3

Friends & PetsEdit

I have 2 cats.... They are the worst cats ever... But adorable in their own way :3

Ofc.. My Friend list ... is small... so yeah

Sarah: I dont know you much.. You are funny , Caring , Pretty  and the last but not the least , Smart.. I hope we can become better friends :3

Angelo:I dont know you much either.. You are funny.. Friendly.. I guess i could say smart in your own way. I would sure like to learn more about you

Sandra: You like to change names alot so i didnt know what to put here.. You are Simply my Best Friend Forever.. If i'm feeling down you ALWAYS make me feel happy again .. You are funny , pretty , smart . I guess i could say Smexi(Smart&Sexy) LOL .. I hope our friendship will be eternal.<3

Pets: I have 2 cats.. they are a pain in the ass to be honest.. But Adorable.

Their names are Täpi(The younger one) and Kity(The Older one) They are both female.

(i will post picturesof them, but later) ;)

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